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Y Gwynedd Inn
North Wales
LL55 4SU

0870 765 CYMRU (29678)
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FAX: +44 (0)1286 871636
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SKY Boxes at Y Gwynedd

New in June 2009, you now have your own SKY box in your room! This give you access to hundreds of TV and radio channels.

We have no SKY cards in the boxes, so you can only receive free to air channels or you could bring  your own SKY card.
However even with your own SKY card in, SKY’s ‘premium’ encrypted channels such as Movies and Sports will still NOT be viewable since SKY pairs your card with your box back home for these channels. Normal SKY channels such as SKY One will work if you subscribe at  home and bring your card with you.

Please note that in some circumstances and depending on your SKY contract, you may be in breach of your SKY terms and conditions if you are using your card away from home. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are entitled to do so.

Examples of when you might be in breach of your contract are below. The list is not necessarily exhaustive, and is provided as is, without warranty or guarantee whatsoever and has not been endorsed by British Sky Broadcasting in any way. We hope you find it useful.

1. You have a SKY multiroom package, and you bring one of your cards with you whilst leaving the other at home
2. You have been with SKY for less than 12 months, and you are still under contract to keep your SKY box plugged into a telephone line
3. You have a non domestic (commercial) agreement with sky at work, and you bring your work card with you
4. You work for SKY and have a complimentary/courtesy subscription .

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